Buick Riviera 7.5 (1971 – ) Specification, Dimensions, Performance

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Buick Riviera 7.5 Engine Technical Data

Buick Riviera 66
Buick Riviera 66

The Buick Riviera 7.5 comes with new type engine with V 8 cylinders. This car proceeds onward Petrol and it has Not Found mode prepared. The size of the engine is 7458 cm3 or 455.1 cu-in.

Number of valves of Buick Riviera 7.5 is 16 Valves. With a compression ratio of Not Found, the car has a maximum torque of 617.0 Nm or 455 lb.ft @ 4600 rpm. 617.0 Nm or 455 lb.ft @ 4600 rpm is the maximum torque limit. There is another cool feature of this car that RWD drive wheels. With transmission gearbox this car has speed Transmission Relations.

Name of the Car Buick Riviera 7.5
Engine Types – Number of Cylinder V 8
Engine Code
Fuel type Petrol
Fuel System Not Found
Alignment of Engine Longitudinal
Engine size – Displacement – Engine capacity 7458 cm3 or 455.1 cu-in
Bore and Stroke 109.50 x 99.00 mm4.29 x 3.9 inches
Number of valves 16 Valves
Aspiration N/A
Ratio Of Compression Not Found
Horsepower – Output – Maximum Power 335 PS or 330 bhp or 246 kW @ 4600 rpm
Maximum torque 617.0 Nm or 455 lb.ft @ 4600 rpm
Drivetrain – Traction – Drive Wheels RWD
Transmission Gearbox – Number of speeds speed Transmission Relations

Buick Riviera 7.5 Dimensions, Fuel Capacity & Consumption, & All Specs

Buick Riviera 7.5 works Not Found on Economy, Highway. Per 100 km this car needs Not Found on Economy, City road. However, The Fuel Tank Capacity of the car is 79.6 L 17.4 UK gallons 20.9 US gallons gallons.

Consumption of Fuel – City – Economy Not Found
Consumption of Fuel Not Found
Fuel Consumption – Economy – Highway Not Found
Fuel Tank Capacity 79.6 L 17.4 UK gallons 20.9 US gallons
CO2 emissions

Buick Riviera 7.5 All Specs, Including Performance Details, Measurements, etc

Top Speed 201 km/h or 125 Mph
Accelaeration ( 0-100 km/h) – s

Buick Riviera 7.5 Aerodynamics, Size, Weight and Dimensions

Buick Riviera 7.5’s body will come with Coupé. The number of total doors in this car is Not Found. The accurate length and width of this car are 552.5 cm or 217.52 inches and 1201.9 cm or 79.49 inches respectively. Height of the car is 136.5 cm or 53.74 inches. The front axle length is 162.6 cm or 64.02 inches. In the other hand, rear axle length is 162.6 cm or 64.02 inches.

The front brakes have Vented discs whose dimension of the discs are Discs (- mm) and Rear Brakes also have Discs where the dimension of the discs are about Drums (- mm). There is -/- R- tyres on the Front Wheels whose width is Not Found. On the other hand, it has -/- R- tyres on the Rear Wheels whose width is Not Found.

Curb Weight of the car is 2009 kg OR 4429 lbs. The ration of Weight and Power is about 6 kg/hp. Well, the car has Not Found Steering. This car’s Front Suspension builds of Coil springs. Lower wishbone.. Coil springs. De Dion axle. make the rear suspension more durable.

Body Coupé
Number of Doors Not Found
Wheelbase 310 cm or 122.05 inches
Length 552.5 cm or 217.52 inches
Width Not Available
Height 162.6 cm or 64.02 inches
Front Axle 162.6 cm or 64.02 inches
Axle of Rear 0 Kg or 0 lbs
Max. Towing Capacity Weight
Aerodynamic drag coefficient – Cx Discs (- mm)
Disc Dimension- Front Brakes Drums (- mm)
Disc Dimension – Rear Brakes -/- R-
Front Tyres – Rims dimensions -/- R-
Rear Tyres – Rims dimensions Not Found
Width of Fronth Wheels Not Found
Rear Wheels Width 2009 kg OR 4429 lbs
Curb Weight 6 kg/hp
Weight-Power Output Ratio – L
Capacity of Boot / Trunk Not Found
Steering Coil springs. Lower wishbone.
Suspension for Front Coil springs. De Dion axle.

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