Morris Minor Saloon (1928 – ) Specification, Dimensions, Performance

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Morris Minor Saloon Engine Technical infromation

Morris Minor Saloon
Morris Minor Saloon

The Morris Minor Saloon made of with Inline 4 cylinders and a good type engine. It has a Not Found system and the car run by Petrol. The engine size is about 847 cm3 or 51.7 cu-in.

Morris Minor Saloon has 8 Valves. With compression ratio of Not Found, the car has maximum torque of – Nm or – lb.ft @ – rpm. Torque limit is – Nm or – lb.ft @ – rpm maximum. Another cool feature is that the car has RWD drive wheels. speed Transmission Relations Transmission Gearbox is one of the best feature of this car.

Car Name Morris Minor Saloon
Type of Engine – Cylinder Number Inline 4
Engine Code
Fuel type Petrol
Fuel System Not Found
Engine Alignment Not Found
Engine size – Displacement – Engine capacity 847 cm3 or 51.7 cu-in
Bore x Stroke 57.00 x 83.00 mm2.24 x 3.27 inches
Valves Number 8 Valves
Aspiration N/A
Compression Ratio Not Found
Maximum power – Output – Horsepower – PS or – bhp or – kW @ – rpm
Highest Torque – Nm or – lb.ft @ – rpm
Drivetrain – Traction – Drive Wheels RWD
Number of Speeds – Gearbox Transmission speed Transmission Relations
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Morris Minor Saloon Dimensions, Fuel Capacity & Consumption, & All Specs

Morris Minor Saloon occupies Not Found on Economy, Highway. On the other hand, it consumes Not Found on Economy, City road. However, The Fuel Tank Capacity of the car is Not Found gallons.

Fuel Consumption – Economy – City Not Found
Fuel Counsumption Not Found
Fuel Consumption – Economy – Highway Not Found
Fuel Tank Capacity Not Found
Emissions of CO2

Morris Minor Saloon Performance

Highest Speed 80 km/h or 50 Mph
Accelaeration ( 0-100 km/h) – s

Morris Minor Saloon Length, Height, Carbon Emission, Capacity, & Specs

Morris Minor Saloon ’s body will come with Sedan. It includes Not Found doors. The accurate length of this car is 299.7 cm or 117.99 inches inches as well as the width is – cm or – inches. The car height is about – cm or – inches. The front axle length is 106.7 cm or 42.01 inches. In the other hand, rear axle length is 106.7 cm or 42.01 inches.

The front brakes have Vented discs whose dimension of the discs are Not Found and Rear Brakes also have Discs where the dimension of the discs are Not Found. It also have -/- R- tyres on the Front Wheels whose width is Not Found. On the other hand, it has about -/- R- tyres on the Rear Wheels whose width is Not Found.

Weight of the vehicle without any passenger or items is – kg OR – lbs The ration of Weight and Power is about Not Found. There is a Not Found Steering in this car. This car’s Front Suspension builds of Not Found. Not Found make the rear suspension more durable.

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Body Sedan
Number of Doors Not Found
Wheelbase 198.1 cm or 77.99 inches
Length 299.7 cm or 117.99 inches
Width N/A
Height 106.7 cm or 42.01 inches
Front Axle 106.7 cm or 42.01 inches
Axle of Rear 0 Kg or 0 lbs
Max. Towing Capacity Weight
Coefficient – CX of Aerodynamic Drag Not Found
Disc Dimension- Front Brakes Not Found
Rear Brakes – Dics dimensions -/- R-
Rims Dimension – Front Tyres -/- R-
Rims Dimension – Rear Tyres Not Found
Front Wheels Width Not Found
Rear Wheels Width – kg OR – lbs
Curb Weight Not Found
Output Ratio of Weight Power – L
Capacity of Boot / Trunk Not Found
Steering Not Found
Front Suspension Not Found

That’s all we have about the Morris Minor Saloon car. We hope you go through the full article and get your necessary information about this car. The car is from a reputable brand, so you can rely on the quality of Morris Minor Saloon . It worked with overly vigorous materials that make the vehicle sturdy and agreeable while riding.

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